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UN Women-Company Documenting WPS Program in Indonesia


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UN Women Indonesia is looking for a Company/Institution/Agency, to produce documentation UN Women’s Project on Women’s Project on Women Peace and Security in Indonesia.  Please find below TOR for your reference.

Documentation of  UN Women’s Project on Women Peace and Security in Indonesia 

Consultant for Producing Documentation of UN Women’s Project on Women, Peace and Security in Indonesia.
To produce documentation from implementation of UN Women’s Project on Women, Peace and Security in Indonesia.
Jakarta, Indonesia
Contract duration
August to October 2015
Contract Supervision
National Programme Officer for Women, Peace and Security
Application deadline
11 August 2015

I.                    BACKGROUND
One of UN Women’s main programs is to work on Women, Peace and Security (WPS). WPS program focuses on the strengthening of women’s roles in conflict resolution and peace building at grassroots level and women’s involvement on formal peace process and higher-level decision-making. UN Women takes different forms of approach to foster Women, Peace and Security agenda such as facilitating development of policies, capacity building of key stakeholders, and developing different public campaign materials to raise awareness about UN SCR 1325 on Women, Peace and Security. The latter aims to increase greater awareness among related stakeholders and wider public about the need to address women’s participation in conflict resolution and peace building.
In November 2011, UN Women and the Government of Norway signed a partnership agreement for a program entitled the Development of National Action Plan (NAP) on Women Peace and Security. The main goal of the program is ensuring peace building processes and post-conflict governance in Indonesia support gender quality.
The project supports development of National Action plan through activities in the area of advocacy and outreach, creating strengthening partnership, raising awareness and building capacity, as well as facilitating a series of consultation and public hearings with the goal of enhancing women’s human right and their participation in the peace processes. These activities have been implemented since 2011 through close collaboration with the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and other key line ministries, also with participation of civil society including women’s groups.
Through facilitation of this project, the Government of Indonesia endorsed the National Action Plan (NAP) for Women Peace and Security through Decree of Ministry of People’s Welfare No. 7/2008 on Protection and Empowerment of Women and Children in Social Conflict. The NAP was developed by a team that comprises of government and CSO representatives through process of consultation and public hearing. The National Action Plan contains a number of programs that the Government should implement systematically through inter-ministerial coordination mechanism to ensure the protection of women’s rights in social conflict and promoting their roles in maintaining peace.
The project also operates at two pilot provinces namely Aceh and Papua through a number of activities including capacity building of key stakeholders on 1325, raising awareness of government and community about women’s participation in resolving conflict, establishing community based mechanism for EVAW, strengthening capacity of women peacemakers and developing knowledge and communication products pertaining to Women Peace and Security.
UN Women intends to capture the important messages, success stories, best practices and lesson learnt from this project through development of documentation products that may be presented in the forms of book, video. It is anticipated that the documentation will serve as useful reference for future initiatives around Women, Peace and Security at the national level as well in the region. Besides that, the documentation products are expected to bring quick results on sensitization and raised awareness on the importance of women’s role in conflict resolution and peacemaking, as well as state obligation to protect and fulfill their rights in social conflict setting.
For the above purpose, UN Women is calling for expression of interest from Consultant/production Company to carry out production of documentation of UN Women’s Project on Women, Peace and Security in Indonesia.
With close consultation with UN Women team in Indonesia, the consultant will produce documentation of UN Women’s project around Women, Peace and Security and particularly endorsement of National Action Plan on Empowerment and Protection of Women and Children in Social Conflict and its initial implementation.
The main activities of the consultancy are suggested to include, but not exclusively, the following:
  • Develop work plan for the documentation and ensure the products are ready for program closing event. The program closing is tentatively scheduled in early December this year.
  • Propose types of documentation other than book and video.
·         Review existing programme documents, reports, evaluations and other relevant documents to develop the documentation.
  • Prepare book draft, script and narration of video, subtitle and other to illustrate best practices on the importance of women’s participation in conflict resolution and peace building based on inputs from UN Women team.
  • Conduct interview with key stakeholders involved in the WPS project and undertake site visit if required.
  • Submit draft of the documentation products upon which UN Women team will provide initial inputs
  • Finalise the documentation product according to feedback provided by UN Women team.
  • Submit the final version of the documentation products
The time required for the consultancy is estimated at six weeks covering the period of 15 August to 30 October 2015.
UN Women Indonesia has overall management of the work of the consultant. Under the overall supervision of UN Women Program Specialist, and direct consultation with National Programme Officer for Women, Peace and Security and other UN Women staffs as required, the Consultant is expected to deliver quality ouputs.
·         At least one book that contain success stories, best practices from WPS project in Indonesia and one video (max 12 minutes duration) with focus on development of National Action Plan.
IV.                  COPYRIGHTS
        UN Women has non-exclusive world rights in perpetuity
        Before the consultant moves any video on the wire or uploads it to an online Image Database as video documentation essay or video essays, extended documentary or extended footage, they should contact UN Women to obtain consent
        UN Women can provide the documentation products to other UN organizations or the media at no cost, as is the practice.
V.                  SCHEDULE OF PAYMENTS
Payment in full upon final submission and satisfactory deliverables
By 10 November 2015
·         Final version documentation products to include one book, one video (HD format, in Bahasa Indonesia with English subtitle), and other types of documentation as agreed by UN Women that contain messages on best practices, lesson learnt from WPS program in Indonesia.

Consultant/company with relevant extensive experiences is encouraged to submit expression of interest.  The following is qualifications and competencies required:
        The Consultant/company should have extensive experience in producing project documentation, public information video, films, and info graphic, animation related to social political matters.
        Excellent understanding and commitment to gender equality and human rights principles.
        Experience in working with international organizations and/or international donors or state institution and NGOs, in Indonesia.
        Demonstrated technical capacities and experience in packaging creative messages from formal legal language into popular ones through interesting narrative and graphic
        Demonstrated planning skills and ability to meet deadlines
How to apply:
Interested consultants/companies are requested to submit documents listed below to UN Women via email to: iriantoni.almuna@unwomen.org cc: dian.heryasih@unwomen.org by 11 August 2015
          Expression of interest
          Quotation of price 
          Company profile  and samples of relevant products


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