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Kereta Api Indonesia Persero – Vacancies SMA & SMK Fresh Graduate Staff Sub Divre 3.1 Kertapati KAI September 2015


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Kereta Api Indonesia Persero – KAI is one based railroad company in ground transportation services, both for passengers and goods. Companies with rapid business expansion, as the leading state in the field of transportation in Indonesia.

Industri Kereta Api Persero
Currently looking for:
Juru Rumah Sinyal
Juru Rangsir
PPJ/JPJ (petugas/juru penilik jalan)
Pemeliharaan Sintelis
Pemeliharaan Sarana

Industri Kereta Api Persero, the current career opportunities, for those of you who are young, aggressive, tenacious, communicative and honest, welcome to send your application to join us. Careers offered, for a minimum graduated Senior High School (SMA / SMK). To majors are allowed, such as IPA (for SMA) and Building, Electrical, Electronic and Engineering (for SMK).

Kereta Api Indonesia Persero - Vacancies SMA & SMK Fresh Graduate Staff Sub Divre 3.1 Kertapati KAI September 2015
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Applicants who register will be required to have a minimum average value of national exam (UAN / NEM) score of 6.5, Indonesian citizen (citizen), a minimum age of 18 years and maximum 30 years on 1 September 2015, men are preferred, minimum height of 160 cm (ideal body weight), was never involved in drugs or psychotropic, tattoos and special Men are not pierced, Preferably, the local population and live in the same city as the location of the work, passing in all the selection process organized by the Committee on Recruitment of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) and applicants must be willing to be relocated in the working area of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero).

Formal additional requirements :

  1. Hand written application letter;
  2. Authenticated copy of SMA/SMK academic certificate (1 sheet);
  3. Authenticated copy of SMA/SMK academic transcript/NEM / UAN (1 sheet);
  4. Copy of Resident identity Card/KTP (2 sheet);
  5. Current color photographs 4×6 (4 sheets);
  6. Copy of birth certificate (akta kelahiran / surat kenal lahir);
  7. Updated curriculum vitae (CV), please list your work experience to date;
  8. Other highest diploma held if any,
  9. Other expertise certificate if any.
  10. All application files above must put into the folder corresponding formation of work groups as follows:
  11. Blue folder for position number 1, 2, and 3.
  12. Red folder for position number 4.
  13. Yellow folder for position number 5 and 6.

How to Apply?
Interested and qualified candidates can apply directly by submitting all required application documents above on through following link below or to PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) – Jl Jl Kiai Marogan RT 23 No 1 Kertapati. Closing date 4 September 2015. All applications will be treated in strict confidential and only use for the purpose of selection.


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